Type of roofing shingles With Pros and Cons

A shingled roof is a critical piece of your house construction. Homeowners mostly choose shingles because of the various pros that they provide. However, there are some cons associated with each type of shingle as well. So here we take a look at both from the perspective of shingled roofs. Read on.

Normally asphalt shingles are the ones you will often find on houses in Southlake. But the reason for that popularity is that asphalt shingles reinforced with fiberglass come at the cheapest cost of any shingles. Roofing Contractors in Southlake Tx provide these at reasonable rates. However, these shingles are vulnerable and give in to temperature fluctuation.

2. Wood
If you are looking for a classic look for your roof, you can get wooden shingles. These shingles have an eco-conscious aspect and give your house a rustic look. However, on the con side, these shingles are vulnerable to fire which is why many building codes restrict them.

3. Metal
When you are looking for a lightweight option than asphalt or wooden shingles, metal shingles are the way to go. These last longer than the other two types and also reflect sunlight. However, they cost more than the two and also lead to noise during rain.

You can get slate type shingles from the Best roofer in Southlake. Slates have the longest lifespan and prevent leaks to the highest degree among other types of shingles. A prominent con is that they are the heaviest and not every house can sustain their addition to the construction.

5. Composite
If you want to replicate wooden, asphalt or slate designs without having to invest in the actual material, you can go for composite roofing shingles. With additives, these provide added insulation. However, these are highly expensive and are available scarcely.

6. Clay and Concrete
If you are looking for shingles that are energy efficient, clay and concrete shingles are the ones to go for. Clay regulates the temperature balance inside your house. Moreover, they are not combustible.

No matter the type of shingle, Southlake Tx Roofing Pro will install it on your roof without a hassle. Call today.

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