Best garage door trends & style that you can use for your home

Garage door is a very crucial aspect of a property as it covers about 30 percent of the exterior of a home.

Other than this, it can very well help to boost the value of a property.

Hence, it becomes very crucial that you select a good garage door trend & style.

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So, without any delay, let us have a look at the best garage door trends & style that you can use for your home.

# Best garage door colors

  • Black

Black can be a great choice for your garage door as it is bold in color.

Further, it will make the whole property to pop up while offering a very modern & sleek style.

It can a very good choice for sophisticated garage doors such as traditional, carriage house etc.

  • White

White is a classic color that will help your garage door to stand out.

So, if you are someone who is looking out for a clean & simple look, then it can be one of the best options for you.

Other than this, it can be a lot better option as compared to creme or tan colour as it has the capacity to bind other colors present in property together.

  • Almond

If you are looking out for a classic neutral option, then almond can be one of the best options for you.

Apparently, it looks quite stylish and it can easily match with the exterior of your property.

  • Sandstone

Sandstone is another popular color choice among the homeowners and it is quite trending these days.

It has a neutral color base and thus it can be easily be matched with other colors that are used in houses.

  • Brown

Brown is quite a versatile color and it is widely being used in garage doors these days.

Moreover, it is a popular choice as it can easily complement dark or light paint.

#Best garage door styles

  • Mid century garage door

Mid century garage door are quite trending these days as it tends to focus on straight lines & clean angles.

Some of the materials that are used commonly are aluminum, glass and steel.

The best part is that it can easily be customized as per the requirement of your home.

Moreover, you can easily choose size, color and texture features as per your requirement.

  • Contemporary

Another popular choice among the homeowners for garage door style is Contemporary.

Contemporary garage door tend to follow different kind of architectural styles and comprises of a very large category.

A great benefit of contemporary styled garage door is that a lot of natural light can get into the garage door.

Moreover, it can be easily be customized with patterns, insulation and colors.

Other than this, the aluminum frame offered by it provide you with great durability.

  • Cape Cod

Cape Cod styled garage door is best suited if you are looking for a lake house.

They tend to be single-story & rectangular while having gabled & steep roofs.

When it comes to color, then there are a number of options that you can choose such as sandstone, white, almond in order to do finishing of cape cod styled garage doors.

  • Carriage House

Carriage garage doors tend to have handles that has the capacity to swing open in the similar fashion as compared to traditional carriage house.

The following kind of carriage house are very traditional and tend to be quite beautiful in a very classic & simple way.

  • Traditional styled garage door

Traditional styled garage door is one of the popular choice among the American homeowners.

The reason is that it is quite affordable & it never goes out of style.

Traditional styled garage door are made using steel or wood and contains short, raised and long panels.

They give a very clean & nice look that can indeed match with most of the designs of the home.

#Energy efficiency

One of the most important characteristic of garage door is the energy efficiency offered by it.

The reason is that most of the homeowners want long lasting garage door which can insulate well such that they can save money in the long run.

For that purpose, most of the garage doors have R-value scale through which the insulation of the garage door can be measured.

Hence, Alarming Signs That Your Garage Door Needs a Repair, you need to look out for a garage door that can offer R-value great than 10.

Another thing that is worth looking in the garage door is the U-value offered by it as heat flow is measured through it.

So, look out for a garage door with lower U-value and contact us for getting free estimates about garage door.

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