A complete guide about the actual rate of installing a new roof

Installation of the new roof needs a lot of amounts, and one can’t ignore if it becomes the necessity. But the need of getting the new roof installed doesn’t mean you hire the roofing contractors in southlake with which you meet first or the one who doesn’t have experience at all.

How do the roofing company charge?

There are chances that you can replace your roof by yourself, but one shouldn’t take this chance if they don’t have the experience or necessary tools to do so as this may also lead to loss of life.

The usual 2300 to 3500 square foot replacement of the roof with shingles will be of the amount that cost the owners of the home between $3,000 and $7,000, and the professional roofing contractors in southlake will charge $6,000 to $13,000 or maybe more than that for asphalt shingles. They charge according to the square meters even for the gutter repair in southlake. The patch of 10 by 10 foot makes the square. The roof of the residential area needs 23 to 35 squares to get replaced.

First, the roofers will also charge for the labor for taking out the roof which is old. The layer of the roof which consists of single layer of the shingle will cost around $90 and $160 per square, the double layer will cost between $110 to $160, and the triple layer will cost about $130 to $180. If the roof is significant or higher, you might have to pay according to our square.

How much do a new installation of the roof will cost?

Asphalt shingles are the most common material used for roofing shingles which has the cost of around $120 and $450 per square. You might also have to pay for trim, flashing, gutter repair in southlake as well as vent covers if you want your project to get complete.

You can also keep the budget less by shingling on the existing roof instead of going to replace. The roofers also believe that if you go with the second option, it will lower the life of the roof because they are unable to repair the damaged deck of the roof or apply new membranes of synthetic that are well in offering the best protection against damage of the ice and water.

The typical roof of the metal will range between $600 a square for the lower material to $1,900 for the high-end roof of the copper. The average owner of the home usually selects the corrosion resistant material which has the price between $800 and $1200 per square.

The natural slate tile of the roof that might have caused because of hail damage repair in southlake will cost between $700 and $1700 per square. But, the final tab can also exceed $5,000 per square if its slate has high end, and the pattern of installation is intricate.

While the amount of clay tile roof from hail damage repair in southlake can cost between $700 and $900 for the average size home, it can also exceed up to $4,000 for the premium and custom made tiles.

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