How to keep your gutter clean with no need for premium repairs

Gutters are an inseparable part of a well-built house. They serve the crucial purpose of keeping storm water away from your house walls and foundation by directing it to a suitable disposal point. However, the maintenance of such a crucial part is often put on the backseat due to the prevalent notion that gutters need cleaning after a very long time. The notion is, in fact, a myth as gutters and drains need proper cleaning from time to time.

Now, professional gutter cleaners often fix their rates as per the volume of the garbage to be cleared from the gutter. The height, size and accessibility of a gutter also play as a factor. Often storm and hail lead to dents and cracks in gutters due to which water may leak from the gutter channel and onto your walls and basement. And if you’re residing in a neighborhood with lots of tall trees around, get ready to battle mounds of debris, leaves and pollen. With a professional gutter cleaner, the mounds translate into a big hole in your pocket as the gutter cleaning is then classified and charged under premium cleanups and repairs.

Now, to save yourself from the mess and the unwanted expenditure, we, a premier gutter repairs service provider in Southlake, Texas, highly recommend following the below mentioned tips that will not only help ease your gutter cleaning process, but also eliminate the need for unnecessary expenses on premium gutter repairs.

Try simpler tools first :- Most of the times, leaves, pollen and dirt accumulate in gutters during a dry spell of a season. Before this debris turns into a hardened gunk, make sure you clear it out every 2-3 weeks. However, if rainstorms are frequent in your area, go for cleaning every other week. For this, you may take five simple items – an extension rod, a large bucket, a garden scooper, a big sponge, and a large hook. Once you climb the roof near the gutter, hang the bucket with the gutter using the hook. Place the sponge inside the gutter, scoop up the debris and drop it into the hanging bucket. The sponge will soak up most of the water, which can be squeezed into the bucket. If leaves are there, then you can clear them from the gutter using your hand. Use the extension rod to zero in on the debris, which you can later scoop away. Use a splash of water or a pressure supply to clear off the dirt.

Use gadgets :- Now we totally understand if you don’t want to take the risk of climbing roofs (or a chance for some workout) and go hi-tech instead. Almost all supermarkets now have gutter vacuums (Gutter Vacs) which prove to be a one-time investment for a long time. The best part though, you don’t need to climb and shift the ladder to do the manual work, but can do all the cleaning using vacuum extensions, standing on the ground. Word of advice – learn how to operate a gutter vac properly and test it on the ground first. Handling with care is key.

Make your own gadget :- Using PVC pipes and extension rods, you can actually make a long-reaching pipe to clear out the debris from your gutters. Make sure you join the PVC pipes using appropriately measured sections and give it a shape of inverted hook for better reach. The ‘hook’ portion can be removed to let the extended pipe go into the drainage pipe for thorough cleaning. Clearing out the blockage is important.

Although we do recommend hiring a professional gutter cleaner in case the damage to the gutter is heavy or there are large cracks, try out the above simple tips regularly before you call for premium repairs.

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